About Me

I am an Embedded Ethics Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, jointly appointed at the Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) and the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society.

My research is on digital safety and security in social computing systems. I use human-centered methods to understand the harms that users face when interacting with these systems, how they protect themselves, and how to design interventions to support users’ protective strategies. At Stanford I work with Zakir Durumeric in the Empirical Security Research Group. I also work closely with Elissa Redmiles (Georgetown University).

I completed my PhD in Computational Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I was advised by David Lee. During my PhD I also worked closely with Elissa Redmiles as a visiting student at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. Prior to my PhD, I received a B.S degree in Joint Computer Science and Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College where I was supported by a 4 year President’s Scholarship. My time at Harvey Mudd contributed greatly to my passion for scholarship and learning.

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